Policies and procedures are the key to a strong operation and compliance program. Compliance Joint has the experts and experience you need to help you be successful. We work with your staff to develop policies and procedures that ensure compliance while maximizing efficiency.


Most states require seed-to-sale tracking of all cannabis products. Creating a streamlined inventory method and tracking system is key to maintaining compliance while running an efficient operation.


Theft prevention and facility security are paramount in the cannabis business. Our staff work with security vendors to setup access control, camera systems and site build-outs that help minimize the risk of theft, diversion and burglary.

The second component to security is operating procedures. We craft the policies and procedures to ensure your staff know how to do their part to keep the facility and themselves safe and secure.

With unique experience in loss prevention, executive protection, and transportation, our staff can help bring you peace of mind.


Paperwork, timely filings, and documentation are essential to any compliance program. Not only must you stay compliant, but you must be able to prove it.

Compliance Joint’s staff have decades of experience and nearly two hundred audits in high risk industries. Documentation and risk management is what we do.


A large portion of compliance revolves around staff hiring and licensing. Proper policies for hiring, renewals and violation checks can help protect your company, your license and your livelihood.

Compliance Joint can not only create your hiring policies, but also manage all aspects of the hiring process. With our in-house HR service, we ensure your staff are hired properly and that all paperwork is completed and maintained in accordance with local, state, and federal requirements.


For most cannabis businesses, transportation is an afterthought, but this can be the most vulnerable time for your business. Whether you are a cultivator, processor, or dispensary; transportation of product to or from your facility is a key part of the operation.

With a background in transportation compliance and risk management, Compliance Joint will craft the policies, procedures and vehicle specifications to help protect your product, your drivers, and your license.

You don’t have to create your policies alone – let our experienced staff lead the way!