Licensing for cannabis cultivators varies from state to state. Our compliance experts work with you to navigate the steps and regulations through to licensing. Compliance Joint helps clients work from an action plan, craft the policies you need, source the right cannabis friendly vendors and submit the initial application for licensing. After approval our team of experts will work directly with you and your team to maintain compliance and ensure that your license stays in good-standing year over year.

Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking can be one of the most challenging tasks for a new cannabis business. Seed-to-sale is the buzzword that defines legal cannabis in most states, meaning all product is tracked in every stage of production. For cultivators this sometimes goes as in-depth as different inventory numbers based upon growing techniques of the same strain. Let us craft your inventory system and work with your staff to simplify your inventory compliance.


Security means more than armed guards and camera systems. Most theft businesses experience is internal. Security starts with proper tracking, access control and build-outs. Our staff have experience in loss prevention, executive protection and high-end security. We work with your access control and security providers to minimize risk of loss and work with your staff to create policies that discourage and identify any product diversion.


Compliance doesn’t end once the crop is harvested; it still needs to be delivered to your customers. Cultivators often view transportation as an after-thought but this is often the riskiest part of your supply chain. Work with our experts to craft systems and procedures that help ensure your product reaches its destination. Seed-to-sale includes transportation, so cameras, route management, access control, manifesting and pre/post inventories are a critical piece of your compliance.


Document, document, document. This single word is the mantra of compliance and HR professionals for a reason. Proper documentation and record-keeping is not only required by law, but also minimizes your risk of loss, diversion and fines. Compliance Joint works with cultivators to build your systems and maintains copies of compliance records to ensure that you’re always audit ready.