Licensing for cannabis dispensaries varies from state to state. Our compliance experts work with you to navigate the steps and regulations through to licensing. Compliance Joint helps clients work from an action plan, craft the policies you need, source the right cannabis friendly vendors and submit the initial application for licensing. After approval our team of experts will work directly with you and your team to maintain compliance and ensure that your license stays in good-standing year over year.


Inventory tracking can be one of the most challenging tasks for a new cannabis business. Seed-to-sale is the buzzword that defines legal cannabis in most states, meaning all product is tracked in every stage of production. For cultivators this sometimes goes as in-depth as different inventory numbers based upon growing techniques of the same strain. Let us craft your inventory system and work with your staff to simplify your inventory compliance.

Customer Logs

Most states put limits on the amount of cannabis an individual can purchase over a specific time frame. Dispensaries are required to track how much product was sold to specific customers either through their own logs or through a state regulated inventory system. Let Compliance Joint work with your staff to make sure customer purchases are properly tracked.

Product Display

Cannabis dispensaries in most locations must walk a line somewhere between a retail sales company and a pharmacy. How products are displayed, suggested, and even what products can be sold are subject to regulation. Make sure your displays are compliant by hiring Compliance Joint to help setup your dispensary.

Compliance Stings

Compliance stings are a reality of life for cannabis dispensaries. Mock stings are the best way to prepare your staff for the real deal. We utilize local residents as secret shoppers to test your staff, your facility and your systems to make sure any issues are found before it risks your license.